Samadhi Events during Ven Bodhananda's visit to US
As many of you may be aware, Ven Bodhananda is currently visiting the US. Reverend Bodhanada is renowned worldwide for his teachings on child/parent relationships from a Buddhist perspective, and also for his work on youth rehabilitation.
[Those of you who can handle a little Spanish would be interested in an interview with Ven Bodhananda published in last Tuesday's issue of El Peruano, Peru's national newspaper:]

Here are the Samadhi events organized for Ven Bodhananda's visit

Sunday February 22, 3:30 – 5:00 PM:
"Parent-Children Relationships: A Buddhist Perspective" A talk in Sinhala with English slides. At the Unitarian Premises in E. Brunswick, NJ

Sunday March 01st, 9 AM to 4 PM:
Sil and Meditation Program. Central Jersey Venue to be announced

If you are interested in organizing/offering a Dana, please contact Lucky Athalage at 732 636 4313 or Nalaka Dias at 908 875 6058.



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