Penny Project - Completed

For the past two decades, thousands of members of the armed forces of Sri Lanka have sacrificed their lives in safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of our motherland. Many more continue to give up their lives for peace in our country. Many young families lose their loved ones, breadwinners of their extended families, to the war. The innocent victims of this war are the kids trying to understand and come to terms with losing a parent. 

Samadhi kids are giving a helping hand across the continent with their project, Kids helping Kids. A piggy bank collection of ‘candy money’ is in progress. The plan is to have two collections a year, one in the spring and the other in the fall to fund the project. 

The first penny collection in 2008 supports Rashini Tennakoon for a year. She is two years old and has a twin sister.

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Contact Asanaga Dharamakeerthi
Lanka School Support Project - Current
This is an independent initiative of grade 5 Dhamma school student Ruvinka Abeysekara. She found a Sri Lankan school who needs ex-patriot attention.

We accept school supplies, story books and other material for the well-being of these kids.

For more information and donations please contact Lasitha/Ruwinka Abeysekara ( - 732-667-8063

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