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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. I'm a new comer to this area. What is the best day to make my first visit to Samadhi Foundation ?
A. Children oriented programs are on every other Sunday afternoon at Unitarian Premises. Please see Contact us.

Q. What are the services offered to community by Samadhi Foundation ?
A. We conduct Dhamma and Sinhala classes on regular basis.  
We organize events for most of Sri Lankan and Buddhism related special days.  
We are not attached to any temple. Members of all the temples are equally welcome to partake Samadhi events and classes

Q. I'm not a Buddhist ; But I would like to have my kids attend to Sinhala classes ; Is that possible ?
A. Yes. Please attend 3-4pm Sinhala classes. Choose the class depending on your child's skill level. 
As a non-Buddhist if you still wish to attend the Dhamma School you may do so.

Q. I do not have kids or my kids are not school age. But I like to get to know Sri Lankans in NJ. How do I make my first step ?
A. Stop by on a day we conduct Sinhala/Dhamma Classes. Since parents are waiting until classes are over, you would be able to meet people and get aquainted with them.

Q. Is there a membership fee or fee associated with Dhamma/Sinhala classes ?
A. No. Currently those classes are free of charge for Children. Your voluntary contributions are welcome for the maintenance of these community services.

Q. How do you maintain funds (income and expenses) ? 
A. We have open balance sheet policy. The treasurer of the Foundation , maintains open up-to-date income expense sheet.  
Financial transparency and accuracy of all transactions is a prime concern and an objective of the Foundation. Members can review the book keeping activities and statements upon request. Treasurer of the Foundation is usually available on Sinhala/Dhamma School Sundays for inquiries/meetings.

Q. I can write Buddhism related articles. Is there room on Samadhinj.org for me to publish them ? 
A. Of course ! Please submit your article in word, text or pdf format to webmaster@samadhinj.org. We will review and publish in our guest articles section.

Q. My Toddler likes to create his art work related to Buddhism and have the world see it. Is there place in www.smadhinj.org to satisfy his needs ?
A. Of course ! Please submit your artwork physically or scanned jpg, pdf to webmaster@samadhinj.org. Please mention child's name, city, age, title of artwork. We will publish in your children section.

Q. My Child participated to an event. How do I print photos for that event ?
A. Follow the link "more photos" under that event. That will take you to "photo album" hosted elsewhere on internet. You may use such service to print the photos of your choice. These albums are accessible from multimedia link too.

Q. What is the relationship between NJBV(NewJersey Buddhist Vihara), Mahamewna Asapuwa and Samadhi Buddhist Foundation.
A. They are 3 independent organizations. Samadhi welcomes everybody from all the organizations without any discrimination.

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