Visit of Ven. Nyanasanti Bhikkhu to Samadhi Vihara - July 20 to 22 

The Samadhi Buddhist Foundation is pleased to announce the visit of Ven. Nyanasanti and the program schedule for the July 20 to July 22 weekend.

Ven. Nyanasanti Bhikkhu currently resides at the Bodhi monastery in New Jersey. He has practiced in the Forest Traditions of Thailand and Sri Lanka.

The venerable bhikku was born in the US, but grew up in India and has had a diverse education. He began practicing Vipassana meditation as a teenager. After receiving his MBA from a leading school, and working in the corporate sector for a while, Ven. Nyanasanti ordained and spent two years in Ajahn Chah's monasteries in Northeast Thailand.

He also spent three years in Na Uyana Forest Hermitage in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

Ven.Nyanasanti is committed to sharing practical spiritual teachings that are appropriate for the challenges of modern life. Towards this end he has been sharing his understanding of "How to live happily" in interactive workshops with people from all walks of life in different parts of the world. His essential message is simply..."Be Loving!" 

July 20 -22 program of activities 
July 20th (Friday) 8-10PM Dhamma Talk (general audience)

July 21st:
5P.M.-7P.M. Children's Program 
7P.M.-9P.M. Adult's Program

July 22nd:
9A.M. - 11A.M. Children Program 
1P.M. - 4 P.M. Adults Program (includes a documentary movie).

For additional information, please contact Hemal or Madhavi at (732)564-9774. 
Children will include both minors and teenagers. 
All activities will be held at Samadhi premises at 1659 S. Washington Av., Piscataway, NJ08854.

Directions to Samadhi premises at 1659 S. Washington Av., Piscataway, NJ08854 

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