Poson Program – Sunday July 1 from 9 AM to 4 PM
Poson programs for children and adults are scheduled for Sunday July 1st, from 9 AM to 4 PM. These will be conducted by two theros from MahaMevuna Asapuva currently residing at Samadhi, and possibly others. 

The event will be held at the scenic Rutgers Gardens in New Brunswick. Weather permitting we will once again have the children's nature-trail. 

A "Dan Sela" is being planned for by Lucky Athalage for providing Dana to the priests, participants and visitors attending the event. If you would like to help him out please email Mr. Athalage at lucky172@verizon.net

The program and directions are appended.

In Metta,
Samadhi Buddhist Foundation

Adults/Youth Group program 
9.00am- 9.10am Observe precepts 
9.15am- 10.15am Dhamma Talk-1 
10.15am-10.25am Refreshments 
10.30am-11.00am Meditation session-1 
11.00am-11.20am Buddha puja 
11.20am-12.30pm Dana 
12.30pm-1.00pm Chanting Sutta 
1.00pm-2.30pm Dhamma Talk-2 
2.30pm-3.00pm Meditation session-2 
3.00pm-3.30pm Dhamma discussion ( Tea served) 
3.30pm-4.00pm Buddha vandana 

Children's Program
9.00am-9.10am Observe precepts 
9.15am-9.35am Meditation-1 
9.35am-9.45am Dhamma Talk 
9.45am-10.00am Meditation-2 
10.00am-10.20am Dhamma discussion 
10.20am-10.25am Refreshments 
10.30am-11.00am Meditation-3 
11.00am-11.20am Buddha puja 
11.20am-12.30pm Dana 
12.30pm-2.00pm Nature Trail 
2.00pm-2.15pm Tea break 
2.20pm-3.00pm Dhamma craft 


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